Gems: An Exclusive NFT Collection

Get the details for the Block Party Network Gems NFT drop

Block Party Network aims to provide organizers and attendees with the best possible experience while utilizing our platform. With NFTs currently dominating the blockchain space, the Block Party Network team has taken a considerable amount of time to develop one of the most sought after NFT collections to date. As you are aware, there are many utilities for NFTs with the most common being Profile Picture style NFTs. While these are great examples of what NFTs are, the Block Party Network Gem collection is different in a few ways. Like Profile Picture NFT collections, the individual NFT items can be traded, sold and bought in a peer to peer fashion.

The Block Party Network Gems differ from traditional Profile Picture based collections by utilizing the token not only as a picture, but it doubles as a lifetime event ticket. The Block Party Network Gem NFT collection is the opportunity for attendees to score unlimited tickets to public events. Furthermore, based on the ticket tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black) attendees are organized into sub groups and given perks & rewards based on the rarity of the traits their specific NFT owns.

Each Gem NFT is assigned a point value at the time of creation. Points allow attendees to level up their avatar and owning multiple Gem NFTs will produce a bigger point value for the holder. As different organizers and influencers flock to the platform to host meta verse events, Gem NFT holders will be the first to gain entry and level up. The Block Party Network Gems collection is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and are compatible with any library or platform that runs EVM contracts.

About Block Party Network

Block Party Network is a decentralized metaverse start-up with our headquarters based in Atlanta, GA. The Block Party Network platform allows organizers to promote and host events. From concert stadiums, to art museums, you are sure to find a diverse event lineup.